Start it with a kiss – informal beginnings for formal English letters


Screenshot: Handwritten letter by “Barack Obama” – the auction on Ebay

“First there was a blank”. This was the first tweet from my first follower of my new twitter account. It is three years ago now. So much of a beginning has never ever been before. Today I know it. But he’s gone now. I am sad. “Start it with a kiss” I should have answered. I did not.

Now you are here, my dear reader. If you are also afraid of the white sheet of paper – especially when you have to write a formal letter in English – maybe I can help you. Let me show you what I mean with “start it with a kiss”.
I have made out a selection of the most sensitive, personal, striking letter beginnings of formal letters I could find in the Internet.

Handwritten letter by the US-President “Barack Obama”

The first letter beginning is from a handwritten letter by the US-President “Barack Obama” in February 2010. In this letter Obama answers a letter writer who has questions concerning the health care legislation.

Obama begins his letter with a bang. A “kiss bang”: “Buck”, he says, “I got your email, so let me respond.” Without reconciliation he lists the benefits for the people when the bill will have passed: “a), b), c), d), e)”. That’s it. Nothing more.

Obama`s response shows in an impressive way the complexity of this project and the difficulties he has to overcome 30 days before the health care act was adopted.

You can bid for the letter on Ebay or buy it for $15000. Why not sending the link of this article to your followers?

Ebay: President-Barack-Obama-An-extraordinary-handwritten-letter-on-Obamacare

The auction is closed now. Updated 4/18/2014

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