Christmas Letter 2013

What is Christmas?*

*Twenty four questions without answers

Dear friends,

What is Christmas? For the Briefschreibers annual Christmas letter, I went on the traces of the greatest event in the world. Here are now my twenty four personal questions I want to share with you. Enjoy.

What does Christmas mean?
Where did Christmas originate?
What does Christmas have to do with Jesus?
Why is Christmas celebrated on the 25th of December?
When do the Armenian fete Christmas?
What is Christmas worth to you?
What is the name of Christmas in Greece?
What is Christmas Day like in Spain?
Why is Christmas abbreviated Xmas?
What does Christmas mean to Muslims?
What is Christmas like in Mexico?
What is Christmas in the Cathouse?
What is Christmas called in Sweden?
What is Christmas like in Finland?
What is wrong with Christmas?
What is Christmas like in Palm Springs?
What do Jews do on Christmas?
What is Christmas like in the UK?
What is Christmas without snow?
What time zone is Christmas Island in?
What does the X in Xmas mean?
What is Christmas like in Berchtesgaden?
What is the weather like in Portugal at Christmas Time?
After Christmas, what?

Wishing you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year,