Letters of Promises – Money

There is a simple relationship between money and a letter: Coins and papermoney in all variations as banknotes, letters of credit, circular letters of credit, cash letters of credit, commercial letters of credit … are promises to pay and therein the physical and psychological aspects of nations money system. But what are the real media of exchange on todays markets?

The Cuban Creative Director Erik Ravelo looked behind the backdrops and emerged the currencies in which is in fact paid worldwide: kokain, oil, blood, soil, metal, cellulose, bankruptcy, microbes, punishment, silicate, plastic, organ traces, ashes. Ravelos analysis of both the positive and negative aspects of money was published in Colorsmagazine April 2008. Although his investigations are more than 3 years old, they have lost little of its relevance.

In my eyes one of the best clashes with the issue money in the last years.



Photo 1: Colorsmagazine 2008 / Money / Silicate, page 69

For example “Silicate” – the article about technology profits
In this article Ravelo let come Patrick Cox to word, an expert in software, public policy, biotechnology and a financial analyst. Patrick Cox foresaw a great era of wealth creation through technology progress in the internet. In 2011 Cox can see himself confirmed: “A global patent arms buildup is taking place in the industry, with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Qualcomm …, he says on his internet platform. “A consortium of companies purchased Nortel’s patents …, for $ billion 4.5. For the price of $ billion 12.5, Google is now going to buy Motorola Mobility. …”


Photos 2,3: Colorsmagazine 2008 / Money/ Ink , page 95

For example “Ink” – the article about the costs of punishment
That the death penalty in the US is not only controversial but also extremely expensive is well known. Nevertheless the numbers Ravelo brings in “Ink” are astonishingly: “California … paid about $250 million for each of the state’s 11 executions.” These numbers of 2008 match to the latest news from CNN, published on September 23, 2011: „Texas drops special last meal for death row intimates.“ The reason: Goner Lawrence Russell Brewer ordered extensive last meal and didn’t eat it”.  Another unbelievable release in this context is about the war on drugs: On Monday, September 19, 2011, 22.05 a.m. the money spent on the War On Drugs this Year in the US was summed up on: $ 29,393, 208, 155.


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